Are you a Hair boss that needs help marketing?

Then you need Starr University’s Instagram templates for hair companies. You can receive over 100+ ready-to-go editable Instagram templates. They will allow you to add your logo, change the colors to fit your brand. You will have no limit on what you can do. If you don’t have time to edit anything then you can post as is, no work needed the best part is everything can be done using Canva’s free version.

Yes,I need This!

Get Instant Access for Only $4.99

One off payment. No graphics skills needed.
Can be used in Canva’s free version

You will receive over 100+ ready-to-go Instagram posts. You can edit the post or leave it as is.

 If You are Trying to Market to Women that are hard Working, Want the Best Out of Life, and are on a Tight Budget then our Instagram Post Will Help you Relay that Message to Them so They Know Your Company is High-End but Not to Expensive Where They cant Afford the Product.

When you make your $4.99 investment you will instantly receive ready-made Instagram posts that cater to the hair industry. You can instantly download them and post them to your Instagram or Facebook page or customize the templates to fit your brand.

I didn’t even need a graphic designer!

This is a game-changer! I don’t even need a graphic designer to make posts anymore since everything is already made for me! Absolutely worth the investment!!



Definitely removed my stress!

So happy I found out about this!! I was so stressed out about what to post since I have to think about how to design and be creative on my posts every day! Definitely relieved my stress! Thank You so much Starr University!



Easy Customizable templates

to Match your Brand

Simply switch out any fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements you wish to change to match your branding.

Hair Templates

You can use the post as is or you
can edit them in secs to fit your brand


Canva Templates

Receive over 100+ templates for a one-time investment of $4.99, thats less than a cup of coffee.

Photos & Content Included

You will receive content and images that can be used for other marketing projects in your hair business. 

This is Perfect for you if…

Marketing Has You Feeling Like…


You’re tired of Fivver


You don’t know where to start 


You want a high end looking IG page


You want to stop stressing about content


You are not a professional graphic designer

Yes,I need This!

Get Instant Access for Only $4.99

Receive Over A 100+ Beauty Templates For Only $4.99

Can You Imagine What Would Happen To Your Busines If You Could…


Create High-End Engaging Content That Influences Customers To Buy



Create Content As Quick As Possible To Have More Time To Grow The Business



Provide Value Through High-Quality Posts to improve your sales



Create Social Media Content For Your Hair Company in Under 10 Mins.


Access 100+ High-End Instagram Posts

Designed for Beauty Brands: Hairstylists, Beauty Salons, Wig Shops, and Hair Extension Stores

What a lifesaver!

Saved me hours of time creating posts for my Instagram page! I used to spend hours just thinking about content, but now it only takes mins to make my daily Instagram posts! That’s amazing! 


Cilla S.

I don’t have graphic design skills

I don’t have graphic skills but I was able to create these beautiful posts that look soooo good!! Thank you Starr University!


Porche R.

How Does This Work


Get instant access to over 100+
editable IG templates. 


You can leave the post as is, or you can add your logo, brand colors, and more using Canva’s free version

Export & Share

 Share your post upload to IG
or Facebook or both

Whats Included?

You will receive a PDF file that will give you instant access to over 100+ IG templates covering a wide range of categories that can then be edited in Canva using their free version.

16 Sale Templates

Templates will allow you to promote any sales you are having. Change the content to fit the sale.

16 Motivational Templates

These posts will help you create motivational quotes for your female clients. Content is included but you can always change the content as needed.

16 Frontals Templates

These templates include professional product photos of frontals and promotional content.

16 Closures Templates

Templates include professional closure photos that can be resized and edited. Content is included and can be edited

16 Wigs Templates

Product photos and content is included allowing for a stress-free design process when creating content for your wig collection.

16 Bundle Templates

Display your bundles with these ready-to-go templates that include photos and content that you can edit at will.

16 Shop Online Templates 

Encourage customers to visit your website with these ready-to-go templates. 

Let Me Show You How Easy it is to Use Your Templates…

No more worrying about creating content from scratch…

These templates will make your life so much easier

Only $4.99

  • 16 Wigs Templates
  • 16 Frontals Templates
  • 16 Website Templates
  • 16 Closures Post Templates
  • 16 Company Sale Templates
  • 16 Single Bundle Templates
  • 16 Women Empowerment Templates

This is What You’ll Get

100+ engaging Instagram posts that you can use in Canva.
Each post is design to get you the results you are looking for

Below You, Will Find the Complete List
of Editable Templates You Will be Receiving

16 Company Sale Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

16 Women Empowerment Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

16 Frontal Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

16 Wig Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

16 Single Bundle Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

16 Website Templates

All photos and content shown are included and can be changed if you wish

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